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PGI Vallée du Paradis

Getting off the beaten paths and venturing on the winding and picturesque roads of the Corbières, crossing the passes of Rouire, Escassie or going up the brook of Scié or the gorges of Cassie, you reach the small village of Fontjoncouse and his vineyard. Authentic village and vineyards nestled on the slopes and valleys of an altitude plateau with plots cut in scrubland. Enjoy this preserved and timeless place, almost wild, and yet comes alive under the pruners of a new generation of passionate winemakers, fallen in love with this exceptional terroir.

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A winery and a dozen hectares of vines, selected, planted, cared for and finally passed on by winemakers who, before us, knew how to understand and preserve this remote terroir, who knew how to obtain naturally the best of the vines, the soil and the climate . Syrah, Grenache Noir and Centenarians Carignan Noir mark the structure and bouquet of our wines, Cinsault and Marselan complete their fruitiness.

Syrah (Shiraz): 5 ha 74 (planted between the early 80s and 2001)
Carignan Noir: 3 ha 38 (the oldest, planted before 1905)
Grenache Noir: 2 ha 11 (planted between late 80s and 2005)
Marselan Noir: 0 ha 85 (6 years of age)
Cinsault 0 ha 79 (35 years old)

Our history is above all the story of a transmission, transmission of the love of a region, a vineyard, the passion of the work on the vines, the wine, the cellar and a knowledge-make. We are concerned by the preservation and development of the agro-landscape and environmental aspects set up on the vineyard before us (planting hedges and trees, maintenance of paths and streams ...). Autumn 2018, we joined a process to convert the estate into organic farming AB (via Ecorcert).



Vintner & Geologist

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Vintner & Drawer

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A Mediterranean climate influenced by the winds: the Cers, a frequent wind from the northwest, often violent, which generally gives its last rains on the reliefs of Limoux further to the West, and the Marine Wind which announces changes of weather at spring or autumn.

Hill country, hillsides and plateaus of modest altitude, pediments and geological valleys at the origin of a cooler microclimate in summer and wetter in winter. A settled aridity at the origin of skeletal soil or "lithosols", direct witnesses of the underlying and flush geology. The basement does not lack water at the image of the village of Fontjoncouse whose etymology means "sources rushes".

A singular geology characterised  by the northern lobe of the Eastern Corbières thrust sheet, a scaly structure made of Jurassic limestones, marls and clay-limestones and Triassic marls clays, eruptive and evaporite formations.

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Self-catering lodging for two people (labelled two stars, gites de France) located on the ground floor of a mansion in the heart of the small village of Fontjoncouse. Take time to discover a rich region in both natural and cultural meanings. Take time to discover the cellar, the vines and the wines of the estate. Enjoy leisure walks through the vineyard and up to the Mount Saint-Victor.

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Parking place and private yard, barbecue, fenced area, dog-friendly place


South France, Corbières, Mediterranean Sea, Cathar castles and Languedoc heritage

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Well equipped and comfortable lodging in a calm and authentic environment



Stroll through our vineyards.
Enjoy our wines.
Come and meet us.

Do not hesitate to phone or e-mail us

(we speak English, Dutch and German).
You can also use the adjacent form.

17 Avenue Saint-Victor
Fontjoncouse, 11360

+33 (0)7 55 60 61 06

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